Icons not showing what they are

Hi All,

I just downloaded Toad for DB2 Version 4.6.2 for my company and am having a problem. The icons at the top of the page should tell you what they are if you hover over them but mine are not. Any ideas? Thanks.

Jim -

There is a toolbar option to enable/disable the tooltips.

If you right-click on the toolbar, at the bottom of the menu you’ll see “Customize”. From there, select the “Options” tab. On that tab you’ll see a checkbox, “Show ScreenTips on toolbars”. If this is not checked, you won’t see the tooltips.

If this option is checked then reply back and we’ll investigate this further.

Jeff Positano
Senior Software Developer
Quest Software, Inc

That did it. I bow in humble adoration of you Toad for DB2 knowledge (I know. Just send money)