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Identifying the editor file's path

Is there a way you could add the ability to show the full path of the file that is open in the editor, rather than just the file name + extension? Maybe a hint if you hover over the editor tab / Window text in the Window's info bar / or if you right clicked on the tab? Pretty much all other Dev tools I use, qualify the full path or a shortened version of it somewhere.

We have to manage and run different versions of scripts and these have the same name (but reside in a different path). But it's very easy to make mistakes due to this missing but very pertinent information. At the moment we have to "Save As" and open up the Save dialog's path to see, then cancel, this seems somewhat ridiculous.

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Just looked at this briefly... I don't think there's any option to get the full file path displayed as of version 14.1, but it's a great idea for enhancement... I'm sure our dev leads will take note.

I can see several places where we could display the full file path...

  • In Toad's context sensitive Title bar
  • On the Editor tab (or hover over, or right-click, as you suggested)
  • In the status bar at the bottom of the Editor.

Also, see snap below for a quick look at Toad's Scripts Manager. It's not a solution for what you asked, but you may find it easier to keep track of all your scripts and where they're located. It does show the full path, for each of your files, and you can "tag" your scripts differently, even if they have the same OS-side file name. You can expose any of your scripts within the Toad menu pull-down, and even execute multiple scripts on multiple databases with one button press.

It seems like a reasonable request, Paul. I'll log it and add it for next version.

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@Paul this was in Toad all along. In Editor: Rt-click -> Properties.

Thanks for the reply @JohnDorlon, I appreciate it. The trouble is, it still requires 3 clicks to identify (Right click, Properties, Dialog Close), which is cumbersome - especially if like me, you have scores of files open just in your daily work. I still think there's a valid case for showing the file path (like most IDEs do) rather than the just the filename + extension.

I added an option anyway to show full path as a tab hint. Just wanted you to know there was already a way to see it (if a little inconvenient).