Import Attributes from Excel to TDM 5.5

I am trying to import a model from excel, that I just exported, into a new empty model. the entities are being created but they are empty and I need to fill them. how can I do this? the excel document has the attributes in them and I have removed the ID field which was recommended so you could load new items.

Hi shoelfy,

in version TDM 5.5. was some troubles with Database/DbOwner/Schema - dependent on DB Platform.
Have you assigned to tables and columns Database/DbOwner/Schema? If yes it can be reason of this bug. :frowning:

You can use version TDM 6.0, where is fixed, but remember, you need do export again for this version. Excel exported documents are not compatible between 5.5. and 6.0.

If you want to use version 5.5. you can use workaround. You need clear column Database/DbOwner/Schema from excel document and assign schema inside TDM after import. For assign schema you can use Schema/Owner/Database dialog from main menu “Tools - Schema/Owner Assignment…”.

if it doesn’t work, please provide sample of your exported excel document. You can reduce it for one table and one attribute (Please verify that the bug is on such a reduced model still exists).


Thanks for the reply! deleting the information about the schemas from the excel document caused the attributes to be added to the table. I am not able to get ahold of TDM 6 at the moment but I’ll keep this in mind. thanks again.