TDM 5.5 Importing Models (.csv)

(Full disclosure, I'm just learning this tool)

Is there any good resource for the import model functionality?

I've tried to just export the default VideoRental to .csv, which works just fine, but when I try to import it nothing happens. It says finished and successful but I can't do anything with it.

(Ignore the empty entity, I just created that to make sure it wasn't frozen).

It's imported ... but how do I use it?

This covers the export in some detail, but just shows rather than demonstrating the import button. The user guide is similarly sparse.


Hello Steve,
the main purpose of this functionality is easy export/import of metadata to/from a CSV file. You can easily add or modify comments or notes and import them back into TDM. The other properties as attributes or entities should be modified or added as well.

The exported CSV file is related to the existing model (see the columns ID in the file). If you want to add a new entity or attribute to the you have to leave the ID column empty: