Import Erwin 9.x models into TDM 6.4.x

How can I import Erwin 9 data models into Toad Data Modeler
I've seen some older threads on the topic re: older versions of both programs but no resolution on any of them. Is there a way to do this or are there any plans on providing a solution?

Hello Crogers,

currently, there is no way to import Erwin 9 model to Toad Data Modeler. It supports importing of model from Erwin 7.1, but that's the last supported version. Moreover Toad Data Modeler v6.4 is no longer extended with functionality. Current version of Toad Data Modeler is 7.1, but there are currently no plans for furter support of newer versions of Erwin.
You can leave a vote here in Idea Pond and if the feature would be popular among users we will be happy to implement that.

Best regards,