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yesterday I published new article about how to load logical information (captions, notes) from external sources to reverse engineered model. This article can be useful for all interested in “import” of models created in other database modeling tools. Direct import is very difficult because competitors usually protect their file formats… and that’s why I think the published article can be a good starting point for making advanced import scripts.

Blog entry:

BTW: you can find there information about how to load XML in javascript, how to search object by name, how to use “OpenDialog” and more.




Is the blog still available? I am getting timeout error when I click the blog link.



Hello Richard,

yes, the blog post is still online. In the post above the link is broken (probably moved and not redirected properly, sorry for inconvenience). You can find this blogpost at new address

Have a nice day and best of luck in 2018.


Was sorta hoping there’d be an import function for at least a few other modeling tools. Thank you, Michal, for the assistance. will give it a go & let you know. j


if you miss any specific import, please write it on Idea Pond in this Community.