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Import Table Data Running Slow


I have an Excel file (XLSX) I use to import data from into an Oracle table using the ‘Import Table Data’ object in Automation Designer.

However in the past couple of weeks it appears to be running much slower than it used to.

The file contains approximately 8000 rows and 8 columns.

The table is truncated during the import process and I select ‘Use Array DML’ iwth an array size of 500.

Prior to a couple of weeks ago this process would take approximately 5 seconds to complete.

Now it is taking well over a minute.

I haven’t modified anything within Toad.

I even upgraded from 12.0.99 to 12.5.1 to see if this helped.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would happening?

Thanks for any advice.

George Woods.


It’s hard to say - can you share your file and table DDL? You can email to me directly if you don’t want to post it here.


Just to clarify where slowness comes from.

Have you tried to execute the same SQL from Toad? Is it fast or also slow?


Have seen many times that suddenly execution plan changes (to worse of course!) in one second … so this problem should be eliminated so we can focus on other involved part.


If he’s tried two different versions of Toad and slowness is the same, and files are more or less the same, I’m guessing that something has changed in the database to slow it down. It’ll be tough to execute the same SQL though. Toad uses bind variables, with arrays of 500 items per bind variable to insert 500 rows with one statement. You can’t do that from the Editor. You can do bind variables there, but not with arrays.