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Import Table Data Wizard DATETIMEFROMSTRING - concat date and time into one field?

Importing a csv file with a date in Field1 and a time in Field2. Trying to use:

[DATETIMEFROMSTRING(Field1||' '|| Field2, 'MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS', '/', ':') ]

and I get back a time of 12:00:00 AM.

If I use:

[DATETIMEFROMSTRING(Field1 || Field2, 'MM/DD/YYYYHH:MM:SS', '/', ':') ]

I get back the same result.

So it looks like I can't concat these fields using this wizard unless I am not seeing something. Anyone know a way?


Try just [Field1] + ' ' + [Field2].

That doesn't work either. Still get the same result.

It worked for me. include the brackets. Which version of Toad are you using? And...when you do that trick...set the date format formed by those two fields on the "Specify Source Data Details" step.

OK, I misunderstood. I got it to work now. Thank you.

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