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Import data - datetimefromstring


I’m using Toad for Oracle 12.6 to import data into a table from an Excel spreadsheet. One of the columns, REPORTING_DATE, is not in the spreadsheet. This is a DATE column in the table. I just want to set it as a fixed date - 01/23/2015 for all imported rows.

I know that I can use an expression, and I see a DATETIMEFROMSTRING function that seems to be what I want, but it apparently takes four parameters, and there is no clue as to what these parameters are or how to use them.


Looks like it’s Value, Format, Date Separator, Time Separator.

So this should work:

DATETIMEFROMSTRING(‘01/23/2015’, ‘mm/dd/yyyy’, ‘/’, ‘:’)

I’ll fix this in the GUI. You’re right. It’s very un-obvious.