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Import Wizard Issue with Numbers

Hi all

Maybe the most stupid question but I really can't figure it out ... Please help :slight_smile:

I have the following table and I am trying to import the attached file. I am using Toad for Oracle version 13.1.


For some reason I don't understand, the Wizzard is not processing correctly the "." as a decimal point, so the number is imported as 40607 instead of 4,0607. I am attaching also a screenshot of the configuration I am using.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,

MY_IMPORT.txt (31 Bytes)

You are not doing anything wrong.

It appears that Toad 13.1 is using at Toad's overall decimal/thousand settings instead of those defined for the import. I tested 13.2 (current beta) and it is working as expected there, so I must have already fixed it for 13.2.

Change this setting in Toad 13.1 to match your file while you import and that should make it import correctly.