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Import Wizard... Oracle DB to SQL DB.

I’m receiving this error on a fairly complex query… Toad Pro… Also when I use the import wizard on the automation it looks like it needs to run the query first…locks up Toad for about 5-10 minutes.

Continue on Error Exception Messages:

Import_1 - 397 rows failed in Prescan step. (“Embedded Query” into a new table cust_care_rpt.dbo.CREDITS_SUMMARY)



In import wizard, Toad need to run the query to fetch first a few hundred rows first to determine the columns types especially if you are importing into a new table. Since the column types is based on the preview data, there might be issues like column type is not correct or the size is too small, etc, which will cause prescan errors. Do you have more log information showing what exact error it is experiencing?