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TOAD Import Wizard: "Imported rows were rolled back."


I am trying import a large .csv file using the import wizard. It always ends up failing to successfully import any rows. When I look at the error log on the import report it actually says the rows were successfully imported but then on the next line it notes that all the imported rows were rolled back. I tried turning on the autocommit feature with the hopes that it would automatically commit without rolling back but that has not work. Can someone please clarify why the TOAD import wizard is rolling back the rows on large files? How can I disable this? Sorry if this has been asked but I didn’t see this issue on the forum.



Are there any large data fields (blobs) in the csv that may be causing an error in the destination? That would explain the partial success followed by rollback.

Thanks for the response, Robert. Yes, I definitely have some long string fields that go over the max length. That could be the issue but I thought the import wizard would simply drop those specific rows and continue importing without a rollback on the entire data set I am trying to import.

Can you open a support case? We can debug this but it is easier to get the questions answered and necessary files to debug. IE; Are you using Toad Data Point? And if so you should be publishing the data not importing. We will need the csv file, error log, etc.

Hi Debbie,

Yes, I am using Data Point 3.5. I’m not sure what you mean on the distinction between publishing and importing data into our oracle environment. Can you please send me the link to open a support case? Thank you!

I’m still having the same problem so I submitted this as a support case. Thanks, Debbie.

Hi Tyler

TDP latest Beta is 64 bit app already. I think if your issue caused by CSV file too big, could you please use the beta to have try?