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Importing and Export Toad DB2 catalog connections

Another question came up during the May 24 Webcast regarding exporting and importing DB2 catalogs with Toad.

Currently in Toad DB2 you can share your DB2 database catalog by using the DB2 Client Configuration wizard to export those connections.

Other users can then use that same wizard to import those connections into their Toad DB2 environment.

Those users can then use the Connection Manager’s ‘Import missing DB2 connection imformation…’ toolbar button to create Toad DB2 connection profiles.

The attached screenshots show the above topics.

Currently in Toad DB2 there is no single-step method to perform the above, especially during the import phase - there should be a way to automatically create toad db2 connection profiles.
I have opened an enhancement request CR 85641 - that requests to make this a streamlined process. That CR will be considered for a future release of Toad DB2.