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Importing from Access table using Toad Data Point 3.6

I’m used to importing from Access tables into Oracle but am now using Toad Data Point 3.6 which was installed on my new laptop. Unless I’m missing something, it looks like .mdb or .mdbx files can no longer be used? I had to scrounge back to my old machine with Toad for Oracle 10.6 in order to import the table. Exporting from Access to Excel or csv isn’t an option considering the filesize. Is there a way to use Access as an import source in TDP?

Access is still supported. To import from Access to Oracle follow the following steps.

  1. Connect to Access using the “Microsoft Access” type connection.

  2. Connect to Oracle and make sure it is the current connection.

  3. Open up the Import Wizard.

  4. Choose “Add Query”. On this page change the connection to your access connection and enter query for incoming data rows.

  5. Click through wizard and fill out Oracle destination table. You can change the column names and types if it is a new table

I’m having trouble getting it to recognize Access 2013 files, but worked fine when saved in the old .mdb format. Thank you very much for such a quick response! I’ll play around with .accdb versions later, but you’ve given me a workable solution. Thanks again :slight_smile:

When you are defining your connection to the Access DB, change the filter to show ACCDB files. I did this and I can connect fine to 2013 Access DBs.