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Transfer data (import-export) between DBs / connections

Hey all,

Is there a possibility to use Toad for Oracle to transfer data between 2 DBs to which I have access (basically on the fly download data to my local machine from the Source DB and at the same time push it to the Target DB).

I mean something like SQL Server Management Studio does - you define the 2 connections, the tables, mapping and it will work.

I know there are other ways, but I have no access to a DBA to do it and have no access to do anything else ...


Right-click 1 or more tables in Schema Browser.
Choose: Data -> Copy to another schema

Hey, thank you very much for the reply.

Would this work also for bigger volumes of data (e.g. a 20 GB table)?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Well, it'll work but it will be slow. It copies rows in batches of 500 rows at a time. You might want to look at DataPump instead.

Would data pump work with normal user rights?

If you are logged in as the schema to be exported/imported, yes, I think so. Data Pump is an Oracle utility that Toad provides an interface to (DB Admin Module or Toad professional edition required). It's under main menu -> Database -> Export (or Import) -> Data Pump

If you don't have that Toad edition, you can use data pump by command line. The documentation Oracle Data Pump Export might be a bit overwhelming but you can probably find examples of usage by googling for it.


I did some research and found the article here - How to Move Data into an Oracle Cloud Database using Data Pump.

Everything is fine except the fact that I need to specify a directory. From what I understand from the article the folder is on the server, right?

Considering that I don't have access to the file system of the server ... this means basically I can't use the tool?

Thank you

Yes, the file is created on a folder on the server. If you can't get to the file, and nobody will help you with that(?)....

If you want to create it locally, look at EXP/IMP (note, this will be a lot slower. but still faster than Copy Table Data).
These are also Oracle utilities. Toad has an interface to them too. It's under Database -> Export -> Export Utility Wizard (and similar for import).