Importing Toad for Oracle ERDs


I created a bunch of diagrams using TO. Because the diagram connectors in TO are very frustrating to work with, I want to move my work in TDM. I reverse engineered the schema in TDM. All is good. But now when I try to import one ERD it basically repeats the process of reverse engineering the database and more than that, it seems to use some default settings, and it reverse engineers users, roles which I didn’t want to import into the model. Is there a way to configure the default import settings that are used by import process? That’s one question.

The second question is this: is there a way to import a diagram into an existing model and avoid the reverse engineering of the database every time I import a diagram? All I want is just the diagram. The model contains all the tables already. I don’t want to recreate the diagrams manually, because I already spent quite a bit of time doing it in TO and I don’t want to repeat this process.


Do NOT reverse engineer. Reverse engineer means by definition get it from the database. You need to use import - not reverse engineer. Look under file menu in TDM and choose import - not reverse engineer.

Ok, I understand what you are saying but the problem is that each TO ERD file import reverse engineers the entire schema including objects that I don’t want to import (users & roles) and for which I am not prompted. Then when I import the next diagram TDM does the same thing and so on. So I end up with all these models that each contain the same thing.

Maybe I should have put all the diagrams in one file, but at the time all I wanted to do is create these diagrams, each applying to a certain business area. Now I realize I could have shoved them into the same ERD file and I wouldn’t have had this problem.


if you want to change settings for reverse engineering, create new database connection. Click File | Reverse Engineering | Connections to open the Connection form and then click icon New Connection. In settings specify object types and properties that should be loaded and other settings, e.g. if all users should be loaded or not.

Then select the connection and click Import Toad ERD button

Open your Toad for Oracle ERD file. You will be prompted if you want to use connection stored in the file or not: Click NO.


In result, new model based on connection properties / settings will be created:

I hope it helps.