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Reverse engineering feature

Does reverse engineering of the database a feature NOT available in Xpert edition of Toad for oracle?


Hi Anne,

Toad for Oracle has a number of ways to reverse engineer information from a database:

  1. To reverse engineer tables and views, you can use the ER Diagrammer tool in Toad, which can be found by selecting Database -> Report -> ER Diagrammer from the main menu.
  2. To reverse engineer database code relationships, you can use the Code Road Map feature in Toad, which can be found by selecting Database -> Report -> Code Road Map
  3. Toad also provides the ability to create HTML documents on the structure of your database and schemas by selecting Database -> Report -> HTML Database/Schema Doc Generator from the main menu.

Alternatively, you can also use Toad Data Modeler, which should be included within the bundled installer for Toad for Oracle, and is designed specifically for tasks like this. You can also find a few videos on reverse engineering using TDM here:


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Should be able to, yes. Xpert Edition and above. If you're running Toad/Oracle version 12.0 Xpoert edition or above, just type in "reverse engineering" in the Jump Search field to find what you're looking for.

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@Annec In my mind, "Reverse Engineer" is not very specific. What exactly are you looking for? Chances are good that Toad can do it, but you'll get a better answer from a more precise question.

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