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Toad data modeler 4.3

I am new to Toad Data Modeler 4.3.

I have a list of tables already created with appropriate primary key / foreign keys defined. How do I create and ER Diagram out of it in Toad Data modeler 4.3 ?

Is there a way that the diagram gets created automatically by click of few steps so I do not have manually create Entities and Relationships ?



In what format do you have your “list of tables”, please?

you have several possibilities how to create ER diagram:

  • Create model manually, add tables and relations to the model.

  • Reverse engineer existing database

  • Create database from DDL script (feature available for some databases)

Reverse Engineer maybe, I just can’t find a good documentation where I can reverse engineer , I really think this should be fairly easy, with all my tables already in place.

Here is a link to a video on how to reverse engineer. Note that the video shows 5.0 but the process is not much different in 4.3.…/1035.aspx