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In Toad Edge is no visual queri builder

My name is Zlatko Gregurek. I use Toad for mysql for keeping a list of members of the union of pensioners. I am volonter.

I am not sql expert and I use Toad for MySQL because he has graphical visual queri builder and that’s why is easy to use for me. Before Toad for MySQL and MariaDB database I use Microsoft Access. Visual queri builder in Toad for Mysql is similar to MS Acces and so I know use Toad for Mysql.

I try Toad Edge and I noticed there is no visual queri builder. That is big problem for me. Visual queri builder is importand for me. Do you plan add visual queri builder in Toad edge? If you doo I buy Toad edge and continue using MariaDB. If you don’t plan build visual queri builder I must go again to MS Access in wich I know working.

In compare Toad for mysql and Toad Ege, Toad Edge is step back of functionality without visual queri builder.

So my question is, do you plan add visual queri builder option in Toad edge?

The SQL Worksheet has query auto-complete features. As an example, add SELECT and a drop-down of SQL constructs gets displayed. Select “” from the drop-down list as an example. After adding “” another drop-down of SQL constructs gets displayed from which select “FROM” as an example. After adding “FROM” a list of table names gets displayed. The auto-complete of SQL constructs is much more advanced than selecting the columns to query from a diagram in the Query Builder.