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Inconsistent row fetch count in new editor tabs

When selecting from table that contains lob column the first execution (F9) gets correct amount of rows but subsequent executions only get 25 rows in first fetch.
It is repeatable:

  1. Open new editor tab
  2. select * from MDSYS.ALL_SDO_STYLES where rownum <= 60 -- (or some table that has lob column and more than 25 rows total)
  3. execute (F9)
  4. execute (F9) again with different results

This behavior exists in 15.0 and 15.1 beta.

I see that too, and I'm not sure why it happens. We are setting the fetch count based on row size, and it is getting set properly, but for some reason we are retrieving 3 fetches the first time instead of just 1.

It seems to open happen when the editor tab is first opened. You could run "select * from dual" as the first query and then your example above only returns 25 rows the first time you run it.

Thanks for reporting it.

Will the minimum amount of rows fetched be configureable after fix? I see possible settings property "OCI Array Buffer Size" Auto/Manual but right now this does not matter how I set it.
In my workflow there is a need to consistently always fetch x amount rows independently of row size, like always guaranteed 200 rows. Then it is visually much better differentiable.

Edit: "OCI Array Buffer Size" Manual entry works with tables without lob-s. So maybe some setting to enable/disable row size based calculation.