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incorrect alignment of column attributes


I'm on Toad Beta

Here's a create table statement formatted using Toad 12.9 or 12.10:

Looks ok to me - no complaints.

Now, when reformatting using Toad I get:

This looks kinda strange to me.
We seem to have three alignment groups:

  1. lines 7 through 12 and 20
  2. lines 13-18
  3. line 19

So I'm trying to understand how these have been grouped.
Why are lines 13-18 treated as different from 7-12?
Why is line 19 treated as different again from preceding lines 13-18?
Why is line 20 treated as part of the non-adjacent lines 7-12?

And - most intriguingly - is this on purpose, or is it a quirk?

For complete source file, please see below.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis



there’s an associated issue:
when I remove all code following the create table statement and then reformat, the formatter inserts a blank line at the top of the document.