incorrect formatting of when clause after line comment in case statement


I’m on Toad

Inside my packaged routine I have the following case statement:

if p_mode = ‘Force’ – In forced mode: suppression not allowed
and l_custbuy.logical_change_type = ‘N’
l_custbuy.logical_change_type := case
when l_custbuy.change_type = ‘I’ then ‘I’
when l_custbuy.change_type = ‘D’ then ‘D’
– all remaining cases: must be a real update or a fake update
when l_custbuy.killdate_new <= l_custbuy.timestamp then ‘D’
else ‘U’
end if;

as you may see, the third when is indented two spaces less than the other when clauses.

Can this be fixed?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Hello Abe,

Fixed. Will be part of QP5.DLL component version 5.298.

Thanks for reporting,