Indexes to FK lost when opening model with version made with older versions


When I try to open a model made with TDM with the new 5.3 version all indexes are gone.

It shows me a question on opening that says:

“Model X contains settings for automatic generation of SQL code for indexes to foreign keys. This functionality was replace with automatic creation of indexes than can be added to a model. Do you want to create indexes to foreign keys?”

No matter the aswer, all indexes to FKs are gone.

We have several models made with older versions. Is it a normal behavior? What can we do in order to avoid this?


Best regards,

Hello Gabriel,

The system of indexes to foreign keys has been changed in 5.3. Please see this post for more information.

Foreign key indexes are no longer shown in Relationship Properties, they can be now found under Entity Properties | Indexes tab and also in Entities on Workspace itself (right-click on Workspace | Workspace Format | Entity tab and see if Display Indexes option is checked).

See if you can find the indexes, they are only created when you choose Yes in the opening dialog.



Thanks Lukas!