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Influence Alter Script generation


After adding a new column to a table, the generated alter script does a lot of things to preserve the old data. Sometimes I just want to have an alter script that only applies schema changes without thinking about the data.

That would be much more human readable.

Is there a way to generate an Alter Script with just the schema changes?
Do you have a script to generate such a different Alter Script I could easily replace?

Kind regards


Hello Andreas,

The alter script is meant to generate differences of the data.

Possibly, you might generate standard DDL script (F9) for your model and create the all database from the script then (drop the old database and create new).
Note: To execute the script to create the db, you have to use a third party software. For Oracle db, e.g. Toad for Oracle.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, please write me back. Thanks.




So what I search for in this case is an Alter Script generation for the schema changes and not for the data. For data is much more difficult, but not very human readable. And it’s not always what you really need.



Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your reply. We will further discuss possibilities of what you require (it could be something like ‘Perform Alter script generation without keeping the data’ checkbox). CR 68 988.
Unfortunately, there isn’t any workaround at the moment.
Tip: When an attribute is added to the end of entity, the commands to keep data are not executed then.

Thanks for your patience and great co-operation!


Vladka + TDM Team