Toad Automation Email

My Toad Data Point Version: 6.0.1
Not able to see the HTML Export Option in Toad Automation which can be used to paste the information to the body of the e-mail. Excel and CSV Export is there. How can I get the HTML Export Option?

Would be nice to understand the details of how you're trying to do this.

Nevertheless, to be clear, there are at least two methods to accomplish the attaching (not pasting, but I think attaching is what you meant) your HTML output file to your e-mail.

  1. By executing the "Select To File" task before your e-mail task in the automation script, assuming your are creating the result set via some SELECT query or SQL script. The option to export to HTML is within this Select to File task as shown below.

  2. By employing the Export Wizard task in your automation script prior to the e-mail task.

If neither of these comes close to the approach you're using, please give detailed steps so the Community can give more guidance.

Thanks for posting!

Thank you Gary, for your detail info. Now I am getting the HTML format at the body of the e-mail.