Insert hyperlinks into a report, pivot grid or result set

I am currently running a report that contains 1 column with a name and another column with a network path that points to an image of the item in the name column. I want to embed this path in the name so I don’t have to include the path column. Is there any way to do this in a tabular report or pivot grid? I know you can do this in sql server reporting services, but I haven’t come across any solutions in Toad.

I found one way to do this. Using Toad Data Report you can set the bind the Navigation property to a field. If that field contains urls it will click through to web browser.

Thanks! Worked great.

Very interesting ask . I never considered the way to add links to pivot grid control. All the experience I have was the link in grid view component. The suggestion here also did me a great favor on this question I am quite curious about. Nice work!