Export All grids + requests to excel

H Everyone,

I'm using the button to export all grids from multiquery output which is great, but I need an additional tab with requests and num of results in it and eventualy the tab name where results have been exported is it possible?

Hi Adrien,

It sounds like you want a summary tab. We don't have an option for that, but if you can clarify exactly what you'd like to see there (maybe create one yourself and give a screen shot), we'll consider it.


Hi thanks for your answer,

You're right a summary tab would be great !
I need to see all request with feedback + link to the data grid.

I created an excel file as an example but I cannot upload it ( not allowed )
Please find a screenshot

The "Grid Tab" values are hyperlink to the corresponding Excel Sheet

If you tel me where i can export the original excelsheet I will send it.

Kind regards

Here you'll find the file ( rename it with xlsx extention )

toadrequest.txt (11.9 KB)

The grid column link is using additional regex fonctions in excel available here :

  1. download
  2. extract
  3. add in additional macro in Excel :


Hi Adrien,

Thanks for the details. Just FYI - I'm not going to add anything to Toad that will rely on 3rd party Excel macros.



Of course, actually it's not requested. This is just my preset, I'm using the regex third party macro because its faster to code the hyperlink.
2 things :

  1. Hyperlink can be calculated without the regex
  2. Hyperlink isn't actually necessary, it's just nice to have it.

Kind regards

@JohnDorlon, what's up?

Is it ongoing, rejected or should I edit my example with no third party macro?

Hi Adrien,

Sorry I forgot about this.

Yes, I have logged it as an enhancement request.

No need to create another doc. I see how to make the links in Excel.


no problem thank you.

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Hi Adrien,

I've added this for next beta, but it's not everything you asked for.

It looks like this:

The links work, but what is missing is the SQL statements that did not produce a grid. We don't keep a record of those statements (except in the "output" tab jumbled in with everything else).

Since this Excel file is meant to be "all of the grids", not "every statement", if we add this then it would have to be a separate option, maybe with an "output summary" tab in Toad, then you could export from that. But I hope this is useful to you without the results of all of the other statements.

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Of course it would be better with the request that have no result but it's already great. Thank you so much. Unfortunately I cannot try any beta version but as soon as it is released I'll enjoy it.

Adrien Laure