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Install SQL Server and Oracle TOAD on same computer?

Has anyone done this, did you have any issues and is most of the functionality the same? I have been using Oracle TOAD for years but now I also have to develop with SQL Server. I miss all my Oracle TOAD development and DBA capabilities so I am looking to also buy TOAD for SQL Server. Any advice is appreciated.

I have both products installed on my workstation. They both work separately and do not interfere with each other. I haven’t had any problems in that regard. That being said TOAD for SQL Server has some serious short comings. So much so that I almost asked for our money back. I was looking for it to replace the use of SSMS, however it falls short in a lot of areas. I decided to stick with it because I’m hoping that the company will start to provide fixes for some of these in their near release or updates however, I’m finding that these are also sorely lacking. My colleagues really don’t use it that much and I sort of have to because I asked for it but I find myself still having to use SSMS a lot. I am a DBA, so my needs are a little different from yours and I can’t speak to the development aspects of the tool too much but I would hold off until maybe another level upgrade that may include (Support for Always On, cleaner database object/edit/connection manager interface and better object to do tasks that right now can only be done in SSMS and not TOAD.

My $.02, HTH


I am the product manager for SQL Server Toad. I’d be happy to spend some time with you discussing the benefits as well as how you can use Toad for SQL server.

Kathy Gibbs

Below are a few push button tasks I use frequently in TOAD Oracle I hope work as easily in TOAD SQL Server?

  • Comparing a table’s data between schema or databases
  • Comparing table structures between schema or databases
  • Comparing procedure, function, etc code between schema or databases
  • Copying Table data from one database/schema to another
  • Create object in another schema or database
  • Object Search Capability
  • Formatting code after setting up your standards (I have read other posts that this needs to be improved)
  • Easy DBA Session Monitoring down to exactly what code is running
  • Generate Database Script for the whole database, by schema, by user, etc
    Thanks for any help you can provide