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Toad for Oracle combined with Toad for SQL Server

As an organization we have both versions of DB’s vendors (Oracle and Microsoft). At this moment we are using Toad for Oracle but in the near future we need to manage also SQL server. Regarding TOAD i have the next questions:

  1. Is it possible to run Toad for Oracle and Toad for SQL server on 1 pc?
  2. When running both is it possible to install one TOAD overall version and have modules/ added to this so you can stay in the same toad application?
  3. Are there any known conflicts?
  4. Costs? is there a reduction in license price on Toad for SQL server f you already have purchase Toad for Oracle?
    Appreciate any feedback from someone that has experience of using both DB vendors


They are totally separate applications, so…

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. No

  4. You’ll have to talk to someone in sales about that.

Hey Maurice,

I’ve been running both Toads for a few years now. There are zero conflicts between the two. Toad for SQL Server looks to be a .NET application, so it’s look and feel will be different from Toad for Oracle.

Toad Data Point might also be an option for you, as it can connect to both SQL Server and Oracle, but for me, the two separate applications that draw strengths from their respective database platforms is a much better fit.