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Toad for Data Point VS Toad for SQL Server


I am looking for a tool that i can manage my SQL Server easily.

I can see that there is 2 tools that look the same:

  1. Toad for Data Point

2)Toad for SQL Server

What are you reccomnded?

And what are the diffrences between Toad Data Point and Toad for SQL Server?

thanks in advance

Simple answer is that Toad for SQL Server was built from the beginning to cater to DBAs and Developers who need to manage their SQL Server-specific platform.
That is, if you need to compare and synchronize databases or objects, debug your stored procedural logic, reverse-engineer DDL scripts from the database, alter any objects, etc. then Toad for SQL Server is your product.

Toad Datapoint was built for Analyst-types who need to work with data, and is not platform-specific. So the product focus is all about data, not about managing your relational environment.
With Toad Datapoint, you can access a wide variety of data sources simultaneously (even non-relational sources!), easily build queries (even across different data sources!), compare/sync data, visualize the data, conduct profiling analysis on the data, and much more.

Hope this helps you make the right decision.

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Just get Toad Data Point, you will thank me later. Toad Data Point connects to Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, etc. You can connect to SQL Server and start an import from your Oracle connection (reading directly from tables in one connection and writing the results directly into the other connection). No need to query, write to a file and then load from that file. Then you can automate the import and use as an ETL process if you want.

Saw Gary’s reply after I wrote mine. His is way better.