Installation: Oracle database 11g R2 (64 Bit) via TOAD on my laptop

Hi Guys,

I would like to install Oracle database 11g R2 (64 Bit) via TOAD on my laptop.

Request you people to guide me.

Thank You.


Sandeep J

Hi, Sandeep, You can’t create an Oracle database using Toad. You have to do that yourself. The Oracle Database software can be downloaded from the Oracle website and includes a wizard called “dbca” (Database Configuration Assistant) that makes is super-easy to create an Oracle database. There is a much simpler option: you can use the “express” edition (XE) of Oracle Database which is available at…/index.html. Oracle XE is tremendously simple to install because it uses a Windows Installer package; that is, an MSI file. Let me know if this helps. Kindest regards, Iggy