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Installing w/o entering license info?

My company has admins who need to remotely install our software (users don't have Admin rights).

Is there a way for them to do the software installation where they can skip over entering the license information? The idea being that each user would enter it at first use. Otherwise it could get complicated to provide potentially different keys for each install. [FYI this is a licensed version we are installing, not a trial.]

I'm testing it (on home PC) with the base 13.2 install Toad_for_Oracle_2019_x64_Full.exe However it's prompting for the license info, and I don't see a way to skip past it. [Goal is then to see how the 13.3 patch applies on top of that.]

I could have sworn on a previous install I got prompted at runtime (not install time) for the license key then.

Thanks. Jeff

Hi Jeff,

It sounds like what you're looking for is to install Toad directly using its MSI rather than the bundled Quest installer. While the Quest installer asks a user for their license during the installation process to streamline the registration process across all bundled products, the individual product's MSI doesn't require you to enter the license to install the software. By installing Toad this way, you can remotely install the product and Toad for Oracle will prompt the user for their own license key when it first starts up.

The following page talks about how to extract the MSI from the bundled Quest installer. Once you have the MSI extracted, you can then install it using Microsoft's "msiexec.exe" tool:


Thanks. I tried the link that said to run the .exe with /extract option. That didn't seem to work (installer ran normally). But I was able to download the file, and then run the individual .msi file . THat worked fine.

Thanks for your speedy assistance!