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Re-enter Toad license info

Hi all,

After de-installing Toad 9, (don’t ask J ) and installing Toad, I
have to re-enter the license info every time I launch Toad.

Any ideas?



Hey Ken,

It should only ask you to enter your license information once. Toad will then
save a file named “QSAuth11.key” into your default application data
folder, which should be:

C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for
Oracle\10.0 (for WinXP and earlier)

C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\QuestSoftware\Toad for Oracle\10.0 (for
Vista and higher)

This file may still exist in your uninstalled client files from your Toad 9
installation – which for 9.7 is in the root folders above (just change
“10.0” to “9.7”), or for 9.6 or below should be in your
Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle* folders. If so, you can simply
copy this file to the folder listed above and it should no longer ask you for
this license information.

If you’re still having trouble, send me your Support Bundle once you get
into Toad 10.1. Perhaps there’s a permissions issue on your machine
that’s not allowing you to save the file.


I am having the same issue. I log my information every time. I see the .key file created and have even moved the .key file from a machine that is licensed properly. Not sure what is causing this issue. I do have the key information for our site and it does say licensed when I enter it, but if I close Toad and re-open it then I get the message again that it is a Trial install that will expire in a number of days.

Did you download the commercial version from our tech support site or did you
simply download a trial and try entering a legit key?

The trials will not accept a key (at least not permanently). So if you try to
update via a trial download it won’t work and can cause problems like

I’d suggest downloading the commercial version via your support account
and doing a reinstall using that …. Can’t hurt and very possibly the
culprit ….

Only problem is I do not have access to the support site. I was given the package by the person who supposedly has the access. How can I tell if they gave me the correct file?

If you have your license key, you can call Support and they will figure out the

Hi emackin,

I think the issue you’re seeing is that a trial version of Toad was
previously run on the machine and installed a default Trial key. With Toad 10
and higher, we implemented a new licensing system which has a higher precedence
over the old “*.key” file. While Toad 10 and higher will still
recognize the old *.key file, it will only use it as a last resort if no other
valid key is found on the system.

This should not adversely affect your version of Toad for Oracle as the default
Trial key being recognized is for the Xpert edition with all features enabled.
Once that trial expires, it will automatically revert to the license in your
*.key file. If, however, you want to remove that key permanently, simply
rename the following file:

C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Quest
Software\ProductLicenses.xml (for Windows XP and earlier)

– or –

C:\Users\AppData\Local\Quest Software\ProductLicenses.xml (for Windows
Vista and higher)



Thanks for the reply. That was exactly the issue. I found the xml file and deleted it and now everything seems to be fine. Thanks for taking the time to give me the info.

Have a great day,


John, thank you very much for your answer!

For clear license toad 12 on win8 I found 2 files ProductLicenses in folder:

C:\Users\MyUserName\AppData\Local\ in subfolder with temporary name like this {08445167-4CV4-48E9-A810-A3A7C0B80RT47}

and cleared them!