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Invalid column name 'Name'

I'm using the import function to get a spreadsheet into SQL Server and it's throwing an error all the time saying: Invalid column name 'Name'. I don't have a column named 'Name' so I'm throwing a blank. Is there something I need to scrub in the data so the data gets in? I searched and I don't see that anyone had this issue in the past. Hope someone can assist. Thanks.

I am not able to reproduce on my TDP version against SQL Server and Excel 2013.

Can you give us more details regarding the steps and which versions of product/s you are using?
Alternatively, you can call Quest's Support team.

I actually just found it. I was tediously looking thru the entire table and found some calculated values. It had "#NAME?" in several fields and that causes the error. If you import it as CSV and it has this as one of the values, it will also throw an error. I guess Toad doesn't know what do when there's a value like this.

I removed the values and put null values in it's place and the import went in without a hitch.