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"Invalid data source definition: Unknown error" on heterogenous query Oracle - Sybase

With the 2 latest updates of Toad Data Point I am getting error message "Invalid data source definition: Unknown error" when I try to run a Heterogenous query between Oracle and Sybase database. This Works in 4.3 but not 5. I think this happened in the last 5.06 version but I would like to verify this. How can I download a previous version (only version 5.07 is available)?

Tip on how to debug this? Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi Arne,
I think it's currently not possible, I'll try to get you a link to 5.0.4.

Hi @arne-christian.harse Could you open a support ticket on and they will send you the older patch installer? Thank you

I found it in my Download folder. I have created a support ticket for the issue with the unknown error.

Hi @arne-christian.harse, We are sorry for the inconvenience. we found the root cause is the ODBC driver used by Sybase is get something wrong, and we have already update the ODBC driver. it would be released in the release 5.1.0.

I guess I guess the answer but would it be possible to get this driver to work with TDP 4.3 version as well?
Reason for asking is that the version 5 series so far has to many bugs for me to use.


you can try it with our latest TDP 5.1 which should be available during these days.

We also fixed several other small issues so we will be happy if you can let us know if we covered some of your current problems.

You should be able changed ODBC driver in your TDP 4.3 if needed in Option -> Database -> ASE -> ODBC Default