Toad Data Point SQRESUS.DLL Issue

When using cross-connections in TDP Oracle is returning the following error: Error Cannot Load Resource File sqresus.dll

TDP is also taking a long time to process the query which should have any real performance implications.


Using both the Query Builder and the cross-connection editor to see which performs better but TDP is just hung now so I'm going to have to kill it.

Heterogeneous queries don't seem to work well in TDP, which is a shame because that was the main reason we originally opted to use it.

After killing it TDP is returning a cross query db error:

Invalid data source definition: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 126: The specified module could not be found. (Oracle in OraClient19Home1, C:\Oracle\oracle_home_19_3\SQORA32.DLL).

The SQORA32.DLL file is sitting in the directory that the path is pointing to.


What version of TDP are you running?

If I had to guess, without additional details, I'd say that there's something up with your Oracle Client install... is this a full Oracle client? do you have multiple clients installed?

When cross-connecting data, are you connecting to Oracle via TNSnames? (and not direct method)... is the default Oracle ODBC driver specified in the Advanced tab within the Connection profile?