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Invalid release: ""


One of our developers has been beta testing Toad. Starting with .142, he is intermittently getting this error.




In your screenshot note the "Call Stack" tab. Activate that and send us the contents. There is a Copy to clipboard checkbox at lower right you can check prior to clicking OK to obtain it.


This is a screen capture of the Call Stack tab that the developer provided. The next time this error is raised, we will capture all of its contents into a txt file.



Heh, well.... that's revealing. I will fix this, in the meantime if this user is not using utPLSQL on that database they can uninstall it as a workaround. I will try to get this fixed for tomorrow's beta.


Or that developer can install a non-develop release of utPLSQL, that should resolve it as well.


This will be fixed in .144 which should be built and released tomorrow.