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Toad for Oracle using utPLSQL


Can we use Toad for Oracle with utPLSQL 3.1.9?


3.1.7 was the latest version available when Toad 13.2 was completed and that's the version Toad bundles with.

3.1.9 is not officially supported; however, I've been using 3.1.8 locally without issue. I just installed 3.1.9 and my initial tests are OK. I see no failures - I was able to run tests, view results, and generate all reports without issue. Toad will let you know that the version is untested, but will not block you from using it.

If you'd like to use a newer version of utPLSQL I encourage you to try it out. It's easy to revert to an older version if needed. You'll need to install 3.1.9 manually though since Toad's installation wizard uses the bundled utPLSQL (3.1.7). If you find any problems please report them here.