Invalid username/password on CTRL+T or TSR


I’m using Toad for Oracle v.

I recently changed my password (Oracle IDM) and used the new password for accessing the database via Toad. However, when I try to auto-complete objects names (using CTRL+T) while typing in the SQL Editor window or try to run a script in TSR, I see the “invalid username/ password error”.

Can you tell me how to fix this, please?


Did you change your password within Toad and have had Toad remain open ever since? I seem to recall an issue where changing password within Toad would not update our saved connection info. If you restart Toad does the error persist? If you have restarted Toad have a look through your saved logins and see if there is a duplicate record for this connection. If you find duplicates delete them all and re-connect.

I did not change the password from Toad. If it was locally managed I could have, but, since this is a “Globally Identified” user, I don’t know if I can change from within Toad.

I have restarted my machine a few times now. I looked at the saved connections (session => new connection) and from the “user and database” combination, I only see 1 entry.

Is there a file on the OS that I should be checking instead?


No, if you only see the one in Toad's login window I think we're good there. I'm looking at the source and see nothing obvious as to why Code Insight would fail when the main Toad session can be established. Code Insight does create its own session behind the scenes, but it clones the active session and should have the same user, password, server as your main session. I'm not familiar with Oracle IdM and have no way to test that here. I'm assuming that Code Insight and TSR did work properly for this user prior to the password change?

I don't know if it's related, but there was a bug with TSR in 12.12 and earlier when sending queries from Toad to TSR. I don't get ORA-01017 error, but I did get various other ORA exceptions just now testing with passwords having characters that can interfere with connect string parsing (/ and @). These issues were fixed in Toad 13.0. If you can try Toad 13.1 (even the Trial version) to see if the your issues persist that would help.


Yes it did. It still works correctly if I use an application schema (we don't change application schema passwords.)

I cannot use Toad 13 till it is available in our list of approved softwares. I'll check with the IT team and see if I can download it myself.