Is it possible to rename Connection Tabs?

On a normal basis i have connections to about 9 or 10 schema’s at a time. They are all number based, and while i have an Alias set up within ‘Session -> New Connection’ those alias do not show up after you have logged in.

In the screenshot, these are the areas i want to rename… is this possible?

Example would be:

First tab would say ABC_123@BOBSDBWRK

second tab would say ABC_456@BOBSDBWRK

however i’d like the names here where the arrows are pointing to be:

First Tab: ‘Project_Omega’

Second tab to be ‘Project_Bobcat’


Thank you in advance for any advice!


Go to Options -> Windows.

Check “User alias instead of database”.

Thank you John!! That totally works!!

You’re welcome, Devo. I’m glad we whipped that problem.

But John, I don’t see any “Option” option in the screen shot in Devo’s post?

Oaktree -

In the login window, click on the conneciton in the grid that you want to give a name for. Then click the “Edit login record” button on the toolbar and specify the alias.

After that, go to the main Toad options window. Click “WIndows” along the left. Check “Use alias instead of database”.


I tried this but doesn’t work. Could it be due to the version?


Rutu - see my reply to Oaktree.

Hi, I already have the aliases set

OK, what about the rest?

yes, i have done all the steps

This is where it shows the alias for me. Maybe you are expecting it somewhere else?

Also, I don't know of any bug with this feature in any particular version, but which version of Toad are you using?

I figured it out… if i use Direct connection then it shows the complete connection string. If i use TNS connection then it shows the alias.

Oh, ok. I’m not sure what version you are on but alias works with direct in the current version.