Window titles no longer have connection name


In, the Window menu dropdown no longer has the connection name for each window. I even reset my toolbars (yes, I'm overdue for a full-scale settings reset), but no luck.


Looks like it's due to this change. You can workaround by choosing something other than "no connection info" for Options -> Windows -> Window Captions. I'll fix.

Connection Aliases

  1. can now be displayed as User@DB, User@Alias, or just Alias
  2. can now be set for window captions, window bar buttons, and connection bar buttons
    See Options -> Windows and Options -> Toolbars.

Oh, actually, I don't think it's a bug at was that way in prior version if Options -> Windows -> Display "Show User@database in window captions" was unchecked.

But there was a mistake with carrying the old settings forward. I'll fix but if you've got them wrong now then you'll have to change manually to what you want. There may be a little more weirdness next beta for ppl that used this one, but everyone else, it'll upgrade correctly.

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Huh. It's an option. In Toad. Who would've guessed? :wink:

I am so spoiled with all of the Toad options that I find myself becoming upset at programs -- erm, "Apps" -- that force their options upon me.

Thanks John!

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