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Is silient install available for


After being asked for a license today on my freeware version, I tried to uninstall it thinking it was a trial that ended. The uninstall ended with a error, but the app was gone.
Now when I try to install, the Windows setup screen quits after clicking next.

A post from several years ago mention the same problem and using the silent install as a work around. However, the install at that time was .exe instead of .msi.

Is this still the work around for the problem installing?
If so, are the commands available?

I have Windows 7 x64.



Hi Gary,

For msi installer file, it can support silent install



Is the any documentation for those commands? The silent install documentation talks about using the .exe installer.
Also, is the .exe installer available for just Toad for SQL Server. I can only find the .msi file.


silent instal only support .msi file, not for .exe installer file.

you can contract support team to get .msi file.

also we have provide .msi files for new beta



@Michael, I have the .msi install file. It is the only install file available.

The issue is that the silent installation documentation only covers using the .exe file. The documentation does not have the commands needed to use the .msi file.

  1. Is documentation available that has the commands needed to use the .msi file in a silent install.


  1. Is the .exe file available so I can use the published documented commands.