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Is TDM alive?

As in subject: is TDM alive or its developement has been dropped?

I saw quite good developers activity a year and half ago, resulting new beta version each 2 months and a few upgrades through a year. It was enough answer on large bunch of TDM’s bugs.

But what happens now?
I must work with v3.6.6 version which is just unstable. Has some problems with memory managing and drawing GUI under W7/Aero. There are a lot of annoying bugs/missings reported/requested a year ago.

We bought a few copies of TDM as successor of great CS2 and to be honest, we was disappointed. Now we are still unsatisfied daily fighting with annoying issues . It’s really sad because we see no progress in improving the product.

Can we count on solving issues in near future?

best regards

I was actually wondering the same thing. The forum has had very little traffic for quite a while. Our experience with has been frustrating, unlike 3.5.x.

If anyone can shed some light on the future support for builds on this product, that would be very helpful.


You guys are not alone, interesting. I just logged into the site to see if any new version was released and I found this thread.

Hi Michal, BriEli and Backberry,

Toad Data Modeler is still in development and our BETA program is still active. We relesed several beta versions that contain many bug fixes and various new features.

To name a few:

  • support for MySQL 5.5, Microsoft Access 2007/2010, PostgreSQL 9.0, Sybase ASE 15.5, Ingres 9.3
  • gallery for storing frequently used parts of models (or single attributes, stored proc. etc.)
  • refactoring utility (when you rename an object, other occurences in SQL properties of other objects can be renamed automatically using this utility)
  • possibility to select stored procedures, functions and other objects for SQL code generation.
  • projects and support for Subversion… and so on.

Detailed list of improvements can be found in Library, see section Documentation where you can find Release Notes.

Beta versions released:,,,

I would like to also mention that many features can be added to the product via scripting, customization and macros.

Please try to download the latest beta version and give it a try. I am sure you will find there fixes for some of the issues.




one important information: new commercial version will be released in a few weeks.

Have a great day,

Vaclav & TDM team

Thank your for the answer. I just downloaded and installed and tested a few things I reported through the last year (even a year ago)

  1. This version has still problems with redrawing workspace (Win7/Aero).
  2. After adding self relationship to a table, it is not possible to change the table size anymore. Clicking a table, selects both table and relation (usually only the table should be). Only moving table is possible.
  3. functions are still not organized into subfolders by schemas
  4. there is still impossible to generate DDL for a few selected schemas at once.

After installing beta, start of TDM3.6 takes years. Clicking on splash screen why loading cause application crash (not each click but it is reproducible). Checked multiple times, even after computer restart.

No further comments needed :frowning:

5. While generating DDL for single schema from project containing more schemas, DROP/CREATE SCHEMA commands for ALL schemas are outputted.
6. Ending sql query semicolons are generated in new line instead of the same line as related query ends.

I’m really afraid to check RE engine.

Hi Michal,

thank you for your feedback. To my regret, I have to say that we are not able to add all requested features to the product. I do believe that in all dev teams and for all projects priorities must be defined and followed. Some of the items you requested in past got lower priority than other requests. Thank you for understanding it.

Let me comment your feedback:

  1. Can you be more specific, please? We did various tests on Win 7 (I personally use Win 7 64 bit) and found no critical issue.
  2. In menu Objects please uncheck option Select links automatically. It helps you if you want to select just entities and add them to new workspace - but with relationships. When this option is enabled, you don’t have to select relationships manually.
  3. You are right. This item will not appear in next commercial version.
  4. You have several possibilities:
    a] in the latest beta and next commercial version you can select objects one by one, that means objects that belong to multiple schemas, incl. functions, procedures etc. In previous version this was not possible, but now you can select one function from one schema and other functions from other schemas etc.
    b] you can write a custom macro that will mark objects for SQL code generation by selected schemas. I can help you with such macro, but I have to ask you for patience. We all work on the new version and we need to finish our planned tasks first.

You can see what can be done using macros here:
There is a link to flash movie that shows how to use our new Productivity Pack.

I regret you had problems after installation TDM 4.0 BETA. TDM should be ready for side-by-side installations and older version should not be affected in any way. Please send us eureka log or tdm.elf file as explained here:

Other articles that helps with application startup can be found at:



ad1. Can you be more specific, please? We did various tests on Win 7 (I personally use Win 7 64 bit) and found no critical issue.

Please check attached picture.
To reproduce bug, start TDM. It should open maximized. If no, maximize it. Then click maximize button (next to one). It will restore previous window size before maximizing or some default windows size. After that click the same button again to maximize the window. The result is shown on the picture.
Bug reproduced on Win7 Pro 64bit

Thanx. It is not intuitive but makes the job

Has been requested a year ago. Please don't say that adding one additional level into subfolders tree costs a lot (It may be a few hours max). In fact, it is really pain in ass in case of hundreds functions, which are in reality split into schemas.

I agree. I can. I can even write my own DB designer. But I believe I buy a product cause I need to shorten a time working with the project. Not to do additional tasks. If I would write plugins I will do it in Excel+VBA.
Again, adding multiselct option and iterate though selected schemas is piece of cake. Has been requested a year ago.

Moreover, how do you imagine selecting a few functions from bunch of few hundreds without even information about schema name which the function is originated from? Or maybe TDM is dedicated only for not too much complicated models with a few tables and a few functions in single schema? If it is, I made a bad choice - my fault.

Sorry for my cruel words, but I have a feeling I'm talking with programmers who are proud of their source code but but doesn't care if this code is helpful for end-users or not. I was understanding the situation after releasing first 3.x releases. I spent a lot of time testing it and reporting. But no reaction after year of development just disappointing me.

Hi Michal,

thank you for your feedback and detailed information. We will do additional test on various Win 7 configurations and try to fix possible bugs. I will also try to set higher priority for the requested features and add them to our plan for version 4.1.

To my regret, I have to admit that there are many “simple” features and enhancements that should be quickly added to the product - but the sad true is that some of them may appear in the product later than you/other customers would expect. You mentioned CASE Studio 2: I have been in touch with CASE Studio 2 and TDM customers since the year 2001 and have good knowledge of user requirements, regardless product name or version. Honestly, we do our best to offer our customers what they need. That’s why we were able to introduce alter scripting in TDM 3, that’s why we plan to introduce in TDM 4 e.g. gallery where single attribute can be added (required from CS2 users) etc. BTW: As you may recover, functions were not available in treeview in CASE Studio 2 at all… various features were added to the product and majority of them are based on users requirements. Look at release notes and see change requests.

Again, I will try to set higher priority for your requests. And if you want, I can help you with some customization. There are users who got very specifics packages, macros or XSL templates they needed. From my point of view, it is still much more than what competitors may offer.



Thank you Vaclav for your response.
I’m looking forward for features which are crucial for modeling at least from my point of view.

best regards

I just downloaded v4.1.5.
Issue of redrawing workspace under Win7 still persists. :frowning:

Hi Michal,

thank you for your feedback and confirmation. I hope you found there the other improvements we added to the product (based on your feedback), like possibility to show schema/owner in physical model explorer and option Append to file on DDL script generation dialog (that in fact allows you to generate SQL for one selected schema, then generate SQL for another schema and append the code to existing file - instead of overwriting the file).

Have a nice weekend,