Is there a way of generating test data using TOAD for SQL Server?

(I’m new to TOAD, so please excuse me if this question is very obvious.)

We’re starting a new application, This includes a new database. We’re designing it now. We need a way of testing, but this database doesn’t have anything yet like it here, so I can’t generate data from other databases/tables since the data doesn’t yet exist there. However for development we’re going to need some data. Does TOAD for SQL Server have the ability to generate test data? If so, how do I go about doing it?


Please try to use Data Generator which could help your team to generate test data.

You will find it from Tools-Data Generator.You will get more details from toad help about this functions.



I suspect that you’re correct, but I might never know. I made a fundamental mistake. I’m still very new to TOAD. I thought I had TOAD for SQL Server, since that’s the DBMS that I work with. I now realize I’ve got TOAD Data Modeler. I now know that’s different.

So I’m going to take your word for it that TOAD for SQL Server would generate test data for us, but I can’t test it.