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Toad Data Modeler or Toad for SQL Server?

Looking to understand the differences between these 2 products.

Can Data Modeler do everything that Toad for Sql Server can as far as Sql Server goes?

Thanks for any feedback!


Toad Data Modeler and Toad for SQL Server are very different tools.

Whereas Toad is a tool used by SQL Server DBAs and developers to improve productivity, quality and performance when managing or building applications, Toad Data Modeler is a physical and logical modelling tool designed to ensure optimum data structures for databases and data warehouses. Toad Data Modeler is cross-platform, supporting over 20 different databases, which means its possible to perform round-trip engineering by converting schema objects from one DB platform to another. Existing databases can be reverse engineered into a physical data model which can be checked into source control, versioned and shared with other.

Toad Data Modeler can also enable naming conventions to be defined and applied to database objects. Ongoing changes to the database can be made at the model level, comparison made against the running version and changes represented via DDL. This ensures you are able to constantly document your changes for auditing purposes.