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Is there a way to disable auto-switch in the first Viewer Table?


Hi experts, basically if I single-clicked on a table name, or do a search for a specific table, the first table viewer will automatically switch to the table I selected (or the first result of the search). This even happens when I tried to right click on a table -> Create a new view

This is super annoying as I need to load all data for the table to have a check, but whenever it auto-switches all but the first 1,000 records loaded are removed and I have to reload it again.

TBH I don’t understand the use of auto-switch in the first table viewer. Considering Visual Studio, you double click a file, and it creates a new tab, but never changes the view of previous files. Is there a way to configure Toad as this? I checked the options but cannot find answer.

Thank you!


Hi markus,

yeh~it don’t have option to config in Toad, when you need to load all data again, you can run select query again in Editor.