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New to TOAD for SQL-Server (Free) - Wanting more viewer-windows

(Disclaimer: I’m a total newbie, so pls. forgive if this is too obvious. I browsed the help, however, and did not even find the right keywords, so I thought I’ll try it here ;-))

I’m using the Window-Layout that was titled “TOAD for SQL Server”, where it displays the “Object Explorer” on the left, in the “Tables”-Tab I see all tables and when clicking on a table, I see that table in the Viewer. That in itself is great! But now I would like to edit data from multiple tables, so I thought it would be great if I could have multiple Viewer-Windows open at the same time and then just change from one to the other to get into the other table, but that does not seem to be possible. I hope I am missing something there?

Found it. It is also possible to edit a table by right-clicking it in the explorer and selecting “Send To New Window” which will open a new viewer for that table. I guess the Master/Detail-Browser of the paid version could also be useful for that purpose…