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is there a way to import a view and automatically create the entities?

I have a fairly complicated SQL script that I would like to generate the ERD for, as this was given to me from another customer and I do not have the underlying db. I noticed you can Reverse Engineer scripts. However, is there a way to take a standard Select (view) and have TDM automatically add the underlying table entities?

For example, 'select * from x, y, z where x = y(+) and y = x(+) ’ would generate the tables and RI for x,y,z and the assoicated view.


unfortunately not, this is not possible. We would need the table creation scripts as well.

BTW: if you wish to explore some database and in case you have access to the database then perfect features can be found in Toad for Oracle where you can find new query builder, code road map etc.