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From the TDM2 Yahoo! group:

I can see a graphic depiction of the view but it is seriously lacking. If I have a view that it based on two entities and the view and the two entities are displayed on the workspace, there should be a visible connection between the view and the entities. Also, there is no visual indication of what attributes are in the view. It’s just a dashed-line bubble on the display. I think I need to carry this conversation to the TDM3 community for enhancements.

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in toad data modeler 2.x views are reverse enginnered into text objects - but not shown visually, but they will come back out when genrating DDL since they are there in toad data modeler 3.x (beta right now), views will be shown graphically - try out the beta and see if it suffices … bert


The generated SQL is also missing the ‘create or replace view’ statement in the SQL.

How do I specify the order of the generated SQL for views. I have a couple of views that are based on another view so I don’t want the dependent views to get executed until the master view is defined.



Let me quote Bert’s reply from the Yahoo group:“you are correct - but we don’t yet parse SQL - so we’re limited for now - but it’s on the roadmap …”

How do I specify the order of the generated SQL for views.

Please select Model | Order of Generated Objects. Find the Views section and use the green arrows to change the order.




If there are known dependencies (and there in fact are in TDM3 - foreign keys) for views, tables, TDM3 should know the order automatically.

I know that in CS2 it was a common problem that rebuilding of tables with drop commands was problematic because of wrong order of automatic generated commands.


Still working on dependencies (many of them are missing in TDM3, e.g. between a table and views).

We will deal with this issue in the future. Thanks for your patience.