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Is there any setting to avoid the copying value of grid trailing linebreak?


Sqlnav ver.:
DB: ora9i with chinese characterset

Anytime I move cursor with left-click into a value of grid result and copied it, after I pasted it, it always trail a line break. I’m sure suck line break isn’t come from the value. If I used right-click the grid and copy the value, there is no line break when I paste it. Is there any setting to avoid it?

thank you!


Hi Kentlai,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you will find your time here interesting and we look forward to getting more feedback from you in the future.

In regards to your issue, could you try using the following preference “Trim Column Width While Pasting” and see if it will result in your desired behaviour. This preference is located in the Code Editors | SQL Editor in the Preferences dialog.

Other customers have reported similar issues (see so we’ll be interested to see how you go with this. Do let us know, thank you.




Hi Bernard ,

Thank you for your detailed steps and feedback but the problem don’t be solved after setting the preferences.


When you use popup copy value, it works, using ctrl+c not.

Regards Piter.


Hi Kent,

Thank you very much for the update.

As per your note and Piter’s note, the right click behaves correctly without the extra chars inserted…

We have target for post 5.5 release where Bernard will work on this to address all copy/paste issues in the data grid in both SQL Editor and Table VOE. We will try to get this to you in an early Beta build post 5.5.

Just a quick note: Have you got a chance to look at our Beta 5.5 build yet where we have added some multibytes chars support. We would love to get your feedbacks on that with you Chinese envi…Please refer to our Release note for more details on the multibyte chars support in upcoming releae SQL Navigator 5.5.

Thanks again for your feedback and contribution to the SQL Navigator Community. We are all looking forward to working more closely wtih you growing SQL Navigator to meet your requirements and become a better product.

Best regards,

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